Anis Amri is the poor guy who used a hijacked HGV to plough into the crowded Berlin Christmas market. He doesn’t have to be famous. So let’s don’t speak about him anymore. The interesting subject here is the fact that media said he sent money many times to someone of his network in Tunisia, Africa. This is very strange because he was supposed to be on the list of people under surveillance. Let’s decrypt how he could have done this money transfer and how we need to prevent this in the future.


1/ The solutions he had to send money from Germany to Tunisia and why they should have said NO

He could have used his bank even though a bank would not let him make a money transfer without verifying his identity. Indeed he just had to show fake documents with his head on it. So banks are not safe? Yes they are but they don’t verify the identities well enough, there should have been a flag somewhere and a study to know why he sent the money. Same applies to Western Union, as you can do a transfer by simply going to the office, you can show any passport with your photo on it.

However there are solutions which require much more than physical presence. Those solutions use online softwares to verify that the passport is a correct one. Those solutions are new but they are also the cheapest for transferring money abroad. Online money transfer operators are the best solutions to avoid any illegal money transfers.



2/ How are we going to prevent this kind of money transfers in the future?

In the future, using only online money transfer services would help to guarantee money transfer safety. We also would need a better verification of identity and the softwares they use help to do this.


This guy had many options to make a money transfer from Germany to Tunisia. However some of them let him use a fake passport and accepted the money transfer. To prevent this, we need to use online money transfer solutions in the future. There are plenty of more secure options that we can find on any money transfer comparison website.