What if Homer Simpson’s were doing money transfer overseas? In more than 500 episodes of The Simpsons, we have never seen Homer doing any money transfer.

If the most famous family in the US were doing it, how would they do? Let’s dive into it.

The simpsons and the money transfers

Step 1

Homer has a new need : he has to buy some euros because he goes in vacation with the whole family in Europe.

Step 2

Homer checked the tv program. He has seen The wolf of wall street two times and thinks it’s a good idea to learn how to do a money transfer overseas to watch it again. He does not know what is a bank actually. So it could help. He watches the movie.

Step 3

Homer forgot why he watched the movie. He goes to Moe’s bar and order for 1 duff. He talks to Moe about his next vacation and ask him

Step 4

Moe tells him he knows a guy, called Donald. That guy can help. He lives in New-York. He is very rich.

Step 5

Happy to hear this, Homer starts to drink more beer.

Final step

After 3 liters of cheap beer, Homer is totally drunk. He goes home and fall asleep. The family never went to Europe. Maybe next year.


Why they would do money transfer overseas the wrong way

As you imagine or as you know, it is a very bad way to do money transfers.

Exchange foreign currency is not like going to drink Duff beers. Lisa could have helped him, but he didn’t ask.

My advice for you id not to follow the Homer’s steps to send money overseas. If you want to get the best out of your next money transfer overseas, you should check this website. It will explains everything.